In 2012 the authorities have really put effort in trying to shut down the torrent engine Pirate Bay. They have failed, but are now penalizing its users for downloading free media.

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The Pirate Bay and the New Pro Version

If you haven’t yet used the Pirate Bay, you might not know exactly what it is. People know it for millions of media and application files that can be downloaded directly to the computer. Basically, it is a huge torrent tracking engine where millions of people are sharing their files worldwide. Downloading is free for users and anyone can become a member. It lies on the Gnutella P2P network which is the largest of its kind. Free music, movies, games, software and more is being shared everyday on the Pirate Bay. Now what does the Pro version mean and what benefits does it give?!

Better and faster – the Pirate Bay Pro 2012

After several attempts to shut down the Pirate Bay by authorities and music agencies, the Pirate Bay was pushed to the edge and it needed a refresh at once. Now the new and three times faster Pirate Bay Pro offers possibilities that no other torrent tracker has ever offered. Privacy of the users is safe, torrents are clean and of high quality, no spam or ads, and everything works better than before. Become a member and start downloading high quality media and applications fast. Downloading unlimited files directly to PC is all free for members. The team is working daily on the system to make the Pirate Bay Pro even better and better, new bonuses and features are improved regularly to keep the system up to date. P2P file sharing has never been so much fun. Get the taste of 300% faster speed and download files up to 8 000 kb/s.

More about the Pirate Bay and Its Start

We most often look out for websites that will provide us with information, videos, audios, games etc. With the help of internet, you can find all these in just a click. There are an enormous number of websites that will help you in getting the information you want. You must know the right website and must be sure of what to look for. The Pirate Bay: is one of the best places for searching media, games and programs. This is basically a huge torrent engine that offers things that you are looking for. The platform of Pirate Bay is amazing and contains a huge amount of data.

The Pirate Bay is a bittorrent search which is most commonly referred to as TPB. It is a website of Swedish origin. It hosts many magnet links along with several torrent files that help users in sharing many electronic files, which may include files like games, multimedia, software etc. The Pirate Bay makes use of the bittorrent and is extremely popular all over the world. This file sharing system is so famous that it is the 77th most viewed website in the world. Besides this, it stands 14th in the list of most viewed in Sweden. The Pirate Bay has more than about 5 million users that are registered, and more people are continuously on the verge of joining the website. It contains approximately 3.5 million torrent documents and the number is ever increasing.

The Pirate Bay website came into existence in Sweden in November 2003. The website is working individually as an individual organization since October 2004. Pirate Bay was previously run by Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm: Website of the usual torrent tracker is active since then and is getting a huge following. The Pirate Bay websites are hosted by the Swedish company PRQ, which is owned by the makers of the TPB. Currently, the network is provided by the Serious Tubes Networks.

The Pirate Bay is the environment that allows the users to download torrents and search for files, download small files, which may contain metadata that will help in downloading data files from some other users. These torrents are arranged systematically according to certain criterion like Video, Audio, Applications, Games, Porn and other things. These are the things what you are exactly looking for on the Pirate Bay. In addition, it is very systematic and easy to look for a thing of your choice. The files are mostly open for all. However, there are certain files that cannot be seen by all users of Pirate Bay. These files may include videos, some applications and importantly, porn. These restrictions are removed in the Pirate Bay Pro version! Members of the Pro version have to log-in in order to see these files. Privacy is well in safe of course. The registration to The Pirate Bay Pro is exceedingly easy. All you have to do to get registered is to download and install the program. Once you are registered to the website, you can not only see all the files, but you can also upload your own torrents and make comments on other torrents.

The Pirate Bay provides another amazing facility of browsing. This allows users to look for the available content in the categories like audio, games, videos etc. You can also look for sub-categories like the high definition movies, comics and audio books. The Pirate Bay is thus, an amazing website which helps people like you, get access to entertainment!

The Pirate Bay is an amazing website and is extremely popular. The front page of the site bears a picture of a pirate ship, which has a logo of the anti-copyright campaign of 1980s.
The Pirate Bay, on 1st of June, 2005 updated the website in order to reduce the bandwidth usage. Huge efforts were also made to make the working of the website smooth and to make the website, more user-friendly. Several changes have also been made in order to improve the software. Even today, many changes are being made continuously in order to help in easier use, now the Pro version release in 2011 made Pirate Bay even more popular.

The Pirate Bay has a huge fan following as it is an amazing website. Along with this, people love the website as it allows them to download or search anything that they want to see. This is no doubt a great advantage that the website contains a huge amount of data. You can get everything that you want with Chillitorrent on the same website. Therefore, there is no need of browsing multiple websites. All that you wish is on the Pirate Bay. This is the main reason why people are madly in love with the website. It just has everything people ever want!

There also have been certain negative factors about Pirate Bay as well. There are several new articles about the legality of the website. There are also news articles about the service problems and issues concerned with it. The website was closed for some time due to these problems and was reopened after the owners of Pirate Bay finished their punishment. There also was a lot of political involvement in it. The owners of the website got punished for their copyrights and were also asked to pay a huge amount of money.
However, the best part of it is the website is still working despite of so many difficulties. The Pirate Bay is still doing great and there are no worries about the Pro version. We also keep the privacy of our users safe.

The Pirate Bay is an extraordinary torrent tracker that you can use in your day to day life. It will help you in giving whatever you want, in a single website. Pirate Bay Pro is not only very easy to use, but is also free. You must start making use of this system as soon as possible. You would surely love the download site. You may love it so much that you may recommend it to other people. It truly is a great P2P file sharing platform.