The Pirate Bay Pro is one of the most useful tracking website for bittorent. The primary function of the site is to assist the user for the purpose of sharing files and fast downloading of the large data. This kind of downloading is not subjected for any extra cost at the time. The frequent speed of the downloading process is helpful to save time of the user.

This torrent tracker site has been designed for the use of common Internet users, in order to make the songs, movies and numerous other applications easily available for quick downloads. A person needs to sign up in the website as a member of the system to download the data, sharing interesting files and making comments on the respective products of the site.

Although the sites are totally clear and untouched of data destructive agents still, a person can set up the contact with the executive team in order to sought out any problem in using this website. A wide variety of files such as audio files, video data, movies, television episodes, games etc, are the contents of the P2P file sharing. One can easily transmit the data of interests from the website without any cost after signing up using the link above.




The name Pirate Bay means…

…the largest and mostly used file sharing platform on the world wide web. Registered users can download data and media for free here.


Why does it have the Pro version?

In 2011 the world of peer-to-peer was dark and unclear. After several attempts of shutting down file sharing sites, the Pirate Bay Pro is the fastest download site with clean and legal files. Members can get unlimited media instantly and fast.


Why should I use TPB Pro?

Because TPB Pro is the fastest, most high quality content providing and user-friendly file downloading website.


How many users does TPB have by now?

It has more than 3 million registered members at the moment.


How could I become one of them?

Just click on the Download link above and follow the simple and fast signup process.


How much money does the downloading take?

Downloading files is completely free for all registered members.


Why I cannot log in?

Check your inbox for any e-mails that might have been sent. You will be asked to give your working mail address in order to send you the login details. Check Junk Mail if you still do not receive the message.


How can I uninstall this?

Open Control panel from Start – Settings option. In Control panel is the Uninstall icon, so click to open it. Out of all the installed apps, locate the one you wish to remove, click on it and click on the button above which has “Remove” or “Uninstall” on it. After that you are done.