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Bittorrent traffic still high despite anti-piracy action

Even if the BitTorrent traffic in the United States has been sharply falling in the recent past with the sharing of the P2P apps reaching an all-time low of 12.7 %, the

An IP-Address Will Not Reveal a BitTorrent User

New York Judge Gary Brown has quite possibly struck a death blow to what was a fledging business with his sharply worded judgment in a recent anti-piracy case. The single biggest outcome

Artists look for support from the Promo Bay

Several artists of this world, who are talented to the core, are obscured from the rest of the world and suffer a lot, as they cannot exhibit their talent to the world

All the data of Megaupload is still there

When the authorities closed down the biggest and the most popular file sharing site a few months back the impact was felt by more than just a few business owners. The biggest

Aggressive plans to use airborne proxy servers

Innovations almost on a daily basis mark the software industry as something truly very special. But, the aggressive plans announced about the imminent launching of air borne drones. For acting as proxy

Other projects from the team of PB

The team is always on the verge of creating some new projects and there are many laurels to its credit. Several websites have undergone some sort of changes after the work done

Website set up of the Pirate Bay

The Swedish website, The Pirate Bay commonly known as TPB is known for hosting magnet links and more recently even torrent files. Sharing of electronic files together with multimedia, software and computer

Membership for fast and legal service

The Pirate Bay has proven its slogan “the Galaxy’s Most Resilient BitTorrent Site”, as it has been one of the greatest P2P sharing systems for more than 8 years. If you have

Do not worry if TPB is blocked in your region

Are you deprived from the access to TPB in your country? If yes, and you want to use that website, then this article will be very helpful for you. Like the other

TPB network will survive

We are in a time where whatsoever we want to do can be done by just the click of a mouse, the internet has made us so powerfull, there is nothing that