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Lincoln (2012) about American history

A superb production from the famous director Steven Spielberg. The story is about American history, the Civil War that is very hard for the mankind as well as for the president himself

The Dictator (2012) hot

If you have seen Brüno or Borat, you know what kind of humour to expect. Maybe a little bit less dirty jokes, but more of a deep story from Sacha Baron Cohen.

Mirror Mirror (2012) Read here

The adventure and fantasy story is about an evil and greedy queen who wants to take over the Kingdom. Therefore a fleed princess will find seven little rebels who want to help

The Comedy of Errors (2012) – National Theatre Live

A funny story about two pairs of twins who have been separated after birth and now meet all in one city. Things get very complicated and nobody else is more confused than

W.E. (2011) romantic drama

The film includes affairs between famous figures as Wallis Simpson, the American divorcee, and King Edward VIII. The romantic story about a Russian security man and a married lady give emotions to

The Iron Lady (2011) more about

This movie looks through the complicated life story of the former Prime Minister of the UK Margaret Thatcher. She made everything for one reason that was getting powerful and famous. It has