Aggressive plans to use airborne proxy servers

Innovations almost on a daily basis mark the software industry as something truly very special. But, the aggressive plans announced about the imminent launching of air borne drones. For acting as proxy servers is something unique and unbelievable. The team has named drones as “Low Orbit Sever Stations” (LOSS) and further claim that they are capable of running without a shut down. Depending on how the matter is used it can be termed as just a joke or the ultimate in matter of cloud computing. The company has worked out that a single drone will have the capability for transferring in excess of 100mbps covering distance of 50kms.

The Swedish owners of Pirate Bay have taken a great risk in planning strategy of using drones. The initial of technical challenges and expenses involved are too mind boggling. The owners claim that it is high time that the internet operations be conducted from areas other than land. Pirate Bay has already got into arrangements with BitTorrent for starting experimental operations using small drones.  As per the present plan the drones using small computers and cheap wireless transmitting equipment will be able to redirect traffic to locations which will be kept secret.

Pirate Bay owners are confident that the system will work without a breakdown. However, the entire project is still in the planning stage and no definite date has been set for launch. The popularity of Pirate Bay is quite significant because it has averaged a monthly page view of nearly 2 million on its BitTorrent site. So, it can be assumed that BitTorrent will be the subject using drones when the project takes off. The line of thinking at Pirate bay is quite clear. If they succeed in the basic system running, it could pave the way for more users for their own benefit.

No doubt, the plan is really extraordinary. The concept of GPS controlled drones working as proxy servers is something which most people cannot accept as practicable project. It is particularly difficult in the European zone where the air space is well protected. In addition any broadcasting done from the sky would be violation of laws. Even if the drones could be tethered to the ground they will be violating zoning laws of the region. Legal challenges are plenty and how Pirate Bay is going to cross all these barriers is something interesting to watch for the disinterested person.

The entertainment industry has been at loggerheads with Pirate Bay for long time and has been trying to thwart the site for many years without much success. If in addition the latest projected gets through they will be more frustrated than ever. That owner of Pirate Bay face legal action from their Government for violation of copyright laws will be a source of comfort for such people. The popularity of the Pirate Bay site does not show any sign of going down even with all the difficult problems that are being faced now. Therefore, it is too early to write off the drone’s project as wishful thinking or pipedream.