All the data of Megaupload is still there

When the authorities closed down the biggest and the most popular file sharing site a few months back the impact was felt by more than just a few business owners.

The biggest loss was said to have been to the entertainment industry. It was estimated that the loss was about $500 million. There were about 150 million account holders who were left in the dark, are still struggling. This was as a result of the closing of the megaupload. The shutting down of the site and the punishment that is the detention of the initiator of the megaupload is one of the best examples that would prevent the others from doing such a thing as sharing pirated videos and music files and/or any other such stuff that is said to illegal. The most amazing part of the megaupload is that it provides to its clients, paid services that are very much legitimate. And this is one of the chief and the biggest reasons that the entertainment industry is suffering today.

There was a time when megaupload was one of the top 20 websites, in terms of popularity. The users were sold subscription and this permitted them to use the site when they wished to use it in order to store their own material of any kind. Another amazing thing in this respect was that when the founder Kim was arrested, the users were still able to use their content for about three weeks after that day. Though, the site was shut down immediately after the arrest. Electronic Frontier Foundation has said that it would do something so that the users are able to use their content again. This step was taken as there were a lot of personal files of the users that were stuck up. They said that as the data is their own they have full right over it.

This is also being assumed that the war between the founder of the Megaupload and the government is likely to end soon. The miserable part here is that there are a lot of users who have been dragged in the legal battle. This is another reason that they are not able to access their personal data that they had stored. On the other hand the reports said that there are a lot of users who used the site to store personal material as well as permitted material, will not be able to access their data any time again in the future. On the other hand, EFF in one of the companies that is trying to help the users get their data back. It feels that it would be injustice by the government if these people are not permitted to get access to their own materials or say, the data. EFF in collaboration with the company name Carpathia, the hosting company, has launched a new site by the name At this site, those people who were registered users of the Megaupload would be welcomed to appeal in order to get their data back.