Artists look for support from the Promo Bay

Several artists of this world, who are talented to the core, are obscured from the rest of the world and suffer a lot, as they cannot exhibit their talent to the world and cannot earn a living in the process. The passion of these artists lies in different forms of performing arts. The artists sweat it out like hell to get a chance to perform in front of any form of audience. But still they do not get a chance. This is a problem whose enormity is even greater than piracy.

So, to solve this problem, more than five thousand artists were signed up for getting promoted in the torrent site named Pirate Bay which is using its homepage as the so called Promo Bay. This acted as a boon for all the artists, who got ready to perform in this site with all their passion. This site is regarded as the largest torrent site in the world and their performance in this site enhanced their future prospects. So the artists were really lucky to perform in this site.

At the beginning of the year, the Promo Bay really aided the artists, in reaching to their audiences, who were tens of millions in number. It helped the filmmakers, the musicians, the writers and the other artists by giving them a promotional platform, which gave them the chance to get an overwhelming response from the large audience base of the website that is mentioned above.

The team got response from the audience for the artists, more than they had expected. There were huge numbers of submissions of applications, to the torrent website, after the promotion, seeing which the Promo Bay team informed the TorrentFreak about receiving more than five thousand applications, out of which 90% of the applications has come from musicians and 95% of the applicants are male. So the team was elated seeing this response.

The artists, who have applied for the participation in this famous torrent website, are also offering something in return, as they want to show their sense of gratitude towards the site, for giving them a chance, a platform to perform. The artists from all over the world have given their response to the promotional platform. The name of one of the best-selling authors, Paulo Coelho, who is a big supporter of the Promo Bay, is included in the list of the applicants. This is a very encouraging sign.

The Promo Bay offered the artists an advertising spot on the homepage of the site. They even went to the extent of replacing their iconic logo with the advertisement spots of the artists. So this has been a noble initiative on the part of the most famous torrent site of the world.

The Promo Bay has conducted 14 regular campaigns in 3 countries and they have also conducted 8 worldwide promotions. The initial promotional plan has changed due to the massive acceptance of the campaign. The submissions have been so overwhelming that the site did not need to do the year-long campaign.

The future of this promotion is great as it will help in the creation of stars out of the artists. This benevolent action of the Promo Bay will do good to the website itself, in the long run.