Do not worry if TPB is blocked in your region

Are you deprived from the access to TPB in your country? If yes, and you want to use that website, then this article will be very helpful for you.

Like the other networking websites such as Pirate Bay, hosts torrent and magnet links, which allow the users to share all types of electronic files through the internet. You can download any audios files or software or games with BitTorrent. This site holds the 77th rank in “the most visited networking sites in the world” list. And it is in 13th place in Sweden ranking. It is considered as “the most popular torrent site”. There are about 5 million registered users in this torrent site and it also holds nearly 3.5 million torrent files available for sharing. According to Los Angeles Times, this site is named as “the biggest facilitators of downloading in the file sharing world”.

TPB site was established in November 2003 by the Swedish anti-copyright organization. After October 2004, this organization was run as another different organization. Fredrik Neij and Gottfrid Svartholm are the founders of that organisation. The Swedish police organised a raid and took hold of this website on 31st may 2006. This leads to website downtime for three days. Thereafter, the website was involved in many lawsuits in both as plaintiff and as defendant. Later on 17th April 2009, these two founders were found guilty in copyright infringement and hence they were sentenced to prison for one year with penalty charge of 30 million SEK. By the end of November 2010, the court reduced the prison sentence and increased the penalty charges to 46 million. The site was then made offline due to bandwidth issues on 17th may 2010. Now, a Sweden company named PQR is hosting this huge search engine website. This company is said to provide “highly secure and no-question asked “services.

In addition to other features, TPB also allows the users to download the Pirate Bay files. This refers to all the electronic files such as videos, software, games and even porn.  But the option of downloading porn is limited to only registered and logged in users. If you are a registered user, you can simply log in by using your valid email address and download all the required files. The non registered users are restricted from using the pirate bay download option. In this site, you can categorise and sort the uploaded files into various categories like numbers of feed, date of posting and other details also. Although Pirate Bay is not an illegal website, it has been blocked in many countries; Italy, Denmark and Republic of China in 2008; Netherland and Norway in 2009; Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Greece and Ireland in 2010; Finland and Malaysia in 2011 and United Kingdom. Facebook also has blocked it since 2009. UK has blocked this for the inappropriate contents of the website.

Though, TPB site is blocked in certain countries, you can still use them by removing the block by changing your ISP or just use the new Pirate Bay Pro. All users can sign up for this website and download the desired files and porn. The Pirate Bay Pro is made accessible for everyone around the world.