Other projects from the team of PB

The team is always on the verge of creating some new projects and there are many laurels to its credit. Several websites have undergone some sort of changes after the work done on them by the same well-known team of Pirate Bay. Their different projects show varying degree of stability and it was because of their commendable job that the website Baylmg known for image hosting went online in June 2007. This website shared many resemblances with TinyPic and the prepublication images that were posted to the much hyped Baylmg website made it enter a legal battle. Then the popular network Conde Nast’s was later found to be purportedly hacked.

Bit Torrent website was relaunched by the Pirate Bay in the month of August. The website came to be known as Suprnova.org whose goal was to perform identical function as that of The Pirate Bay. Variety of torrent trackers was imbibed but despite of all efforts, the site went into oblivion and pined away very soon. This particular domain was then given back to its owner and now it is seen to be redirecting to Torrentfreak.tv. The authorized forum of the popular Pirate Bay came into existence in August and was called Suprbay.org. Reseeding of the different torrents can be requested by the users at this official forum. They also have the liberty of reporting malware contained in the torrent files. Besides, one can also report about illegal material noticed on the site.

SlopsBox, an anti spam service founded in December is also listed among the important projects of The Pirate Bay. This was later reviewed in the year 2009. BOiNK came into existence in October after the raid on a popular Bittorrent website which was completely music oriented. A month later BOiNK was cancelled by Sunde. In the year 2008, the launching of Bayword created great buzz as it was the only blogging service of that time which was absolutely free of cost. The users had the liberty of blogging for as many hours as they wished without paying a penny provided the Swedish laws were not broken. The Pirate Bay is a Swedish website and it was mandatory to impose such restrictions.

ShareReactor was resurrected by the Pirate Bay in the month of December as a combination of bittorrent site and eD2k. In the same month another big achievement was made by the emergence of Vio, a converter mobile video. This was a major break-through as it enabled the conversion of video files for the purpose of playback on popular mobile gadgets such as Blackberry, iPhone, Android and many Windows and Nokia mobile devices. Pastebay, known for its service of note sharing was launched in 2009 and had many marked similarities to Pastebin. This service was officially available for the public from 23rd of March. The streaming video site, The Video Bay was founded in the month of June and the content was viewable in browsers with a capacity of HTML-5. The name of Pirate Bay was temporarily changed to Research Bay on 18th April, 2011. This step was taken to provide aid to the P2P researchers. The beginning of 2012 saw yet another launch with The Promo Bay meant to pave the way of musicians and different other performers.