TPB network will survive

We are in a time where whatsoever we want to do can be done by just the click of a mouse, the internet has made us so powerfull, there is nothing that you cannot find on the internet without any charges. The Pirate Bay works on the same theory but in a different manner.

It is a Sweden originated website, it provides its users with magnet links and torrents that can be downloaded without any charge. There are many files on this website such as videos, music, games, adult entertainment and many more. The Pirate Bay is famous for the large amount of downloading done from this site. It is a really famous site among the web users; the site got 77th rank among the websites ranks.

It was found out in the records of year 2011 that Pirate Bay has a large number of registered users and the number of registered users goes up to five million. The amount of torrents available on this site is about 3.5 million. The Pirate Bay is also a member of the pro-piracy movement. The website works under a Sweden company known as PRQ. PRQ provides hosting services to its customers without any questions asked, and services are highly secured.

The Pirate Bay is frequently under the survelience of popular dignitaries and news, many companies hate it, one of the singers known as Bjorn Ulvaeus call the Pirate Bay as idle and selfish. They also say that the site does not follow the rules of copyright activities, but some people like this website also such as the world famous writer Paulo Coelho talks in favour of the system and considers it as a nobel cause of sharing stuff online for free. The Pirate Bay has worked as an inspiration for many movies and documentary such as Good Copy Bad Copy, Steal This Film and many more.

To say in simple and easy words, the Pirate Bay will survive because it  helps its users to get stuff for free that if you buy legally you would have to pay a large amount of money for. Just give it a thought – every movie, game, song, software that you have bought by spending your money – if available free of charge to users of the Pirate Bay. All you require is a good and fast internet connection and a torrent downloading software that the Pirate Bay Pro can provide you easily and once you have registered as a member you are ready to go. The Pirate Bay Pro gives you modern and fast possibilites for getting files online directly to the PC, so you do not have to visit a shop or a market. Though many say that this is piracy, many actors and singers support these platforms of file sharing because they promote the artists and advertise their creation on the web. It is not stealing actually, it is promoting songs and movies. Despite the possibility to get media for free online, people still go to cinemas and buy CDs. So it is just a very small part of the revenue that major companies will miss due to free file sharing, but they shouldn’t make a fuss about it.

Since the birth of the Pirate Bay Pro, it has been seen as a good peer to peer network by many users and at the same time they are downloading unlimited data online. These p2p platforms will always be here on the internet, as long as they remain legal and loyal to the users.