The Pirate Bay Pro essentially requires the registration of users in order to share and download files. The management of the torrent tracker assures to keep personal information of its users totally confidential. The information of the person entered in the P2P data-sharing technology during the registration process has not been leaked out to any other by the managing group of this protocol.

The site does not allow the user to adopt its usage, IP address used to log in and any other related informations which has not been subjected to be opened by another person.
The user is completely responsible for the files which are being shared by him/her on the system. Any kind of offensive, invalid or abnormal data would not be approved by the management. Members who do not obey the Terms, will be permanently banned and cannot use Pirate Bay Pro again.

This website (thepiratebaypro.org) is not responsible for any content or data that is related to file downloading. Thepiratebaypro.org internet site only makes it possible to register and log in to the system that it intermediates. By becoming a registered user, you agree to obey the Terms above and you have no complaints to the webmaster and owners of this website. If you do not agree the Terms written here, you can leave this website at once.